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  • Locate important and relevant materials easily. Our editors have selected the laws, regulations and cases that apply to each specific legal issue, so you can pinpoint what you need.
  • Save time by quickly getting to the right location in a document. We point you to the paragraph or section that relates to your legal issue.  
  • Quickly cross-link to materials related by idea, not just keyword. When you find a useful document, we help you find more like it. The legal issues we identify can lead you to other laws, regulations or cases that address exactly what you¡¦re interested in.  
  • Quickly understand the law in an unfamiliar area. Our legal issue digests summarise the key related points from the most important materials.  
  • Legal quality English translations. Key materials help you understand the law and communicate with clients. Our professional legal translators ensure meaning and nuance are preserved.



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