Malaysian and Singapore Company Law & Practice (MCSP)

Malaysian & Singapore Company Law & Practice (MSCP) is a comprehensive reference work on practising in these two jurisdictions. It is structured in a manner which allows you to go directly to key points. Summaries of recent developments affecting company law practice in both countries and reference to local, regional and international landmark cases is also included.

2 volumes; 4 updates per year.


This publication is a comprehensive reference work on company law and practice in these two jurisdictions.. Also included are summaries of recent developments affecting the company law regime in both countries with references to local, regional and international landmark cases.

Singapore Companies Legislation

Singapore Companies Legislation (SCL + SSL) which also included Singapore Securities Legislation offers current information on companies and securities laws, rules, orders, regulations, codes and guidelines in Singapore. Regular updates incorporate amendments made to these legislation with concise summaries of the section.

SCL 2 volumes; SSL 3 volumes.

Singapore Company Secretary's Practice (SCSP)

Singapore Company Secretary''s Practice (SCSP) is a comprehensive in-depth reference source for company secretaries. It covers everything company secretaries need to know when carrying out their day-to-day duties and provides guidance on more complex issues that they may encounter. It contains commentary, specimen minutes, and resolutions as well as full reproductions of prescribed forms, and selected guidelines and codes to help company secretaries understand and apply the requirements under company and securities law in fulfiling their obligations to their company and its officers.

2 volumes; 4 updates per year. 

The Hands On Guide - Company Secretarial Essentials Singapore (HOSCS)

The Hands On Guide - Company Secretarial Essentials Singapore (HOSCS) deals with the key issues company secretaries encounter. The guide addresses the workflow needs of company secretaries and filled wiht practical tips, examples, specimen forms, minutes, checklists and resolutions to assist the company secretaries in discharging their duties.
2 loose-leaf volumes; 4 updates per year.



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