Elements of Construction Law in Singapore

An entry-level guide to understanding the fundamentals of construction law

Law & Practice of Injunctions, Interim Measures and Search Orders in Singapore

The ideal starting point for all practitioners covering the broad range of injunctions in one volume

Civil Litigation in Singapore

This book is an essential reference for civil litigation practice in Singapore. Prepared to unparalleled quality of expert contributors, many of whom are senior counsel in leading law practices, it provides thorough, in-depth and well-researched guidance for the successful practice of civil litigation.

Commercial Transactions in Singapore: The Law and Model Documents

Formerly known as Model Commercial Contracts and Letters, this revised and enhanced book aims to provide practical assistance in matters regarding the drafting of contracts and letters, to the various individuals who play different roles in a corporate structure. Each chapter begins with an introductory text, or a short commentary of the current law, and proceeds to suggest how letters and contracts may be prepared. Where appropriate, the use of forms and precedents and suggested checklists are discussed in greater detail.


The SICC Handbook - A Guide to the Rules and Procedures of the Singapore International Commercial Court

The Singapore International Commercial Court serves to entrench Singapore''s position as the premier dispute resolution hub in Asia. The SICC Handbook is the first comprehensive textbook on the subject; it is handy and convenient guide to the rules and procedure of the SICC.

Law Relating to Specific Contracts in Singapore, 2nd Edition

Law Relating to Specific Contracts in Singapore, 2nd Edition is an authoritative reference that covers contractual issues in most common commercial situations that practitioners are likely to encounter in their practice in Singapore.

Its breadth of coverage, scope and detail make it an indispensable treatise on the application of the law of contract in commercial transactions. This new edition includes copious citation of Singapore and foreign case authorities and a careful review of new statutory provisions. This comprehensive reference will continue to be the practitioner''''s choice for authority and clarity of discussion.

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Singapore Precedents of Pleadings

This book provides an essential guide to drafting pleadings and related documents. It offers authoritative and structured precedents for the preparation of pleadings and other court documents complete with guiding commentary across both mainstream and specialist areas of practice.


Law and Practice of Commercial Litigation in Singapore

Commercial litigation is one of the busiest areas of practice in Singapore with the commercial court developig its own unique nuances. Law & Practice of Commercial Litigation in Singapore provides an in-depth, comprehensive and practical look at the practice of commercial litigation.

Media Law in Singapore (4th Edition)

With the continued growth of the Singapore media and entertainment industry, the fourth edition of this title not only updates the laws relevant to this industry, it expands into discussions of the practical application of these laws and regulations in the framework of managing media production. It is hoped that this enhances the primary purpose of this book in acting as a concise and practical reference guide for media students and practitioners.

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Singapore : A Modern Approach (2nd Edition)

An essential reference for anyone involved in trust marketing, structuring, client relationship management and administration.




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