Cyber Law in Malaysia: Principles and Practices

 Covers a wide range of legal issues in relation to the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Environmental Law in Malaysia

We have only one Earth – protect it like no other 

Damages, Expert Evidence and Valuation in Commercial Disputes in India

About the Book
Jurisprudence surrounding the law of damages and valuation has remained constantly in flux. However, despite being at the forefront of commercial litigation and arbitration landscape, there is a lack of dedicated and reliable authorities devoted to the study of this area of law in India. The central objective of Damages, Expert Evidence and Valuation in Commercial Disputes in India is to bridge that gap. With contributions authored by practitioners across several common law jurisdictions in addition to India, there is a conscious attempt to produce a body of work that, though Indian law–facing, is well contextualized within the developments in common law jurisdictions and provides a comparative analysis wherever appropriate.

The book is aimed at practitioners, legal academics, and judges in the hope that it will be useful in shaping the jurisprudence surrounding damages, its quantification, and the use of expert evidence in India. 

Civil and Criminal Appeals in Malaysia (Fourth Edition)

Indispensable companion for accomplished and masterly appellate practice 

The Practitioner's Guide to Defamation Law

 Providing clarity on the intricate labyrinth of defamation actions

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Malaysian Precedents of Pleadings, Third Edition

 Treasure chest of authoritative and structured precedents for successful civil practice

The Legal Career Handbook

 Illuminating guidance on career choices in the legal field

Construction Arbitration

In the construction industry, arbitration is the major means of dispute resolution, particularly for large, complex projects. This new book addresses the process from the perspectives of both the parties involved and that of their advisers. It discusses ways to improve results of the process and the management of costs and time and a purposive approach to manage a construction arbitration.

The Criminal Procedure Code: A Commentary with Appellate Practice and Procedure (3rd edition)

Invaluable guidance at your fingertips for an assured mastery of criminal court processes  

Public International Law: A Practical Approach, Fifth Edition

A comprehensive guide to the evolving landscape of geopolitical affairs and global justice. 

The Penal Code: A Commentary

 Providing unparalleled clarity on Malaysia’s key criminal statute 

Criminal Law in Malaysia, First Edition

 You do the crime, you do the time! Everything you need to know about criminal law.

Corporate Liability in Malaysia

Discover the real liabilities of the artificial legal person and its officers 

Taxation of Property Transactions in Malaysia

 Gain clear guidance on the tax issues surrounding property transactions

Restructuring and Insolvency: A Commentary

Relieving the stress in restructuring and rescuing companies in distress 

Legal Method

Providing a solid understanding of the workings of Malaysian law and its processes

Malaysian Litigation Series - Statutory Interpretation in Malaysia

Illuminating the art of interpreting statutes and giving life to the written law 

BUNDLE OFFER | Constitutional Law In Malaysia Suite (2 titles at Special Price)

Key Features
  • Thorough analysis of the Federal Constitution
  • Extensive coverage of constitutional cases with extracts of important parts of the judgments
  • Broad discussions on the Malaysian constitutional principles and institutions with reproduction of significant case authorities
  • Extracts of international sources for easy reference
  • Insightful analysis, commentary, as well as thought-provoking questions which can translate into winning arguments in litigation
  • Consideration of foreign case law to enrich the understanding and appreciation of constitutional issues
  • Incisive commentary of specialist editors with wide expertise in the Constitutional Law of Malaysia and Singapore 
ISBN: 9789672723882
The discussions analyse the character and supremacy of the Constitution, along with the establishment of the Legislature, the Executive, the Attorney General, the Judiciary and the Public Service. The significance of State-Federal relations is considered and the issues arising in its ongoing operation are perceptively scrutinised. The special and emergency powers of the Legislature and the Executive are carefully explored, while the theories and principles of constitutional interpretation are keenly studied. Case authorities are thoroughly explained and analytically reviewed to distil applicable principles. Comparative study against foreign statutes and cases provide fresh perspectives to the Malaysian position.
ISBN: 9789672723905
The topics on right to equality and equal protection, protection of life and liberty, rights of an accused person, protection against retrospective criminal laws and double jeopardy, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, assembly and association, language and education, right to property and citizenship are analytically discussed. Case authorities are thoroughly explained and critically examined. Comparative study against foreign statutes and cases provide fresh perspectives to the Malaysian position.
Constitutional Principles and Institutions: Text, Cases & Materials

 Providing a comprehensive treasure trove of constitutional law resources at your fingertips 

Constitutional Rights: Text, Cases & Materials

 Providing a comprehensive treasure trove of constitutional law resources at your fingertips 

Malaysian Litigation Series - Commercial Conflict of Laws in Malaysia

Undoubtedly an invaluable authority on Malaysian commercial conflict of laws 

Malaysian Litigation Series - Interlocutory Applications in Malaysia

Navigate the intricacies of interlocutory processes in litigation with confidence 

The Law of Smart Contracts

Learn the potential and intricacies of smart contracts 

Malaysian Practice Series - Law and Practice of Civil Litigation in Malaysia

 A comprehensive compendium providing expert guidance on civil practice in Malaysia

Malaysian Litigation Series - Disclosure

 Paving the way for the just and efficient resolution of conflicts and disputes

A Practical Guide to Income Tax and Customs Appeals

Learn the ropes for an assured hold of tax appeals  

Legal Aspects of Fiduciary Duties in Malaysia

 A pioneering work on fiduciary duties in the Malaysian context

Istilah Percukaian, Second Edition

Providing reliable and accurate translation of taxation terminologies 

Malaysian Litigation Series - Fundamentals of Running Down and Personal Injury Litigation

 An essential reference and guide for every personal injury litigator

Law for Business, Third Edition

This updated edition of Law for Businessdelivers some of the more important principles, cases and legislative provisions in business law in a clear and succinct manner. The text and materials are  presented in a structure for those with and without legal background to understand the complex legal principles easily. 
Electronic Evidence in Malaysia: Admissibility and Discovery

 Illuminating the new corridors of knowledge in the use of electronic evidence

Malaysian Litigation Series - Contempt of Court in Malaysia: Practice and Procedure

The rules embodied in the law of contempt are intended to uphold and ensure the effective administration of justice. They serve to protect the integrity of the administration of justice, making sure that persons who seek justice and persons who participate in the administration of justice are adequately safeguarded.

Construction Adjudication in Malaysia, 3rd Edition

Construction Adjudication in Malaysia examines legal principles which govern the application of the CIPA Act 2012. It examines and analyses most of the important judicial decisions on construction adjudication made by the courts in Malaysia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Since the publication of the second edition, there have been more than 200 reported judicial decisions from the courts in Malaysia.

Equity & Trusts in Malaysia: Law & Practice

The law of equity and trusts is fascinating just as it is complex. A necessary subject in the study of law, it has to be mastered by students just as it is often applied by practitioners. This book comprehensively covers this very wide subject through 27 instructive chapters. Authored by writers drawn from academia and legal practice, the book seeks to provide a clear exposition of the law of equity and trusts as it applies in Malaysia. 

Personal Insolvency Law in Malaysia

This book is written based on the Insolvency Act 1967 (Act 360) as amended by the Bankruptcy (Amendment) Act 2017 (Act A1534). It is intended to be a guide to lawyers, students, judicial officers, officers of the Department of Insolvency and other persons concerned with insolvency proceedings. This book provides comprehensive introduction to personal insolvency lawand explains the eight acts of bankruptcy as laid down in the Insolvency Act 1967. 
Malaysian Land Law and Procedure

Malaysian Land Law and Procedure seeks to provide succinct, comprehensive and up-to-date explanation of the concepts and principles of land law for the benefit of legal practitioners, legal and judicial officers, inhouse lawyers, law students, and others seeking to gain understanding of Malaysian land law as embodied in the National Land Code (Revised 2020) (Act 828). 
Russell-Clarke & Howe on Industrial Designs 10th Edition

 Russell-Clarke Howe on Industrial Designs provides in-depth commentary on the protection of industrial designs and is the essential text for guidance on how to get the best from the vast bed of legislation surrounding industrial designs, ensuring that your designs are safeguarded and protected. The book:

  • Offers analytical, high level commentary on industrial designs, whilst maintaining a practice-focused edge.
  • Provides a detailed historical treatment of copyright law and industrial design law from 1709 through to the current legislative position in order to provide a complete picture of design law in operation.
  • Discusses copyright protection for industrial designs.
  • Looks into infringement and validity disputes and threats actions, along with practical hints on how to avoid the mistakes of the past.
The 10th edition contains:
  • Full coverage of changes to UK industrial designs laws following Brexit.
  • Sections on the new rights which replace Community registered and unregistered design rights: re-registered UK rights, and continuing and supplementary unregistered design rights.
  • Full discussion of relevance of past and future case law of EU Court of Justice and General Court to interpretation of post-Brexit UK design laws.
  • Up-to-date coverage of case law developments in UK and EU courts across the industrial design field.
  • Important cases covered include DOCERAM v CeramTec (C 395/16) (shape dictated by function), Cofemel v G Star Raw (C 683/17) and Brompton Bicycle v Chedech/Get2Get (C 833/18) (copyright protection for designs which could be registered), Acacia v Pneusgarda (C-397/16) (designs and the right to repair) and Easy Sanitary Solutions v Group Nivelles (C-361/15 P) (prior art in any field can invalidate a design registration).
  • Coverage of new Designs Appointed Person appellate jurisdiction with principles applied and initial case law.
  • Expanded Chapter on Commonwealth and other countries who design law is historically linked with the UK, including new section on Malaysia.
  • Appendices fully updated with Brexit changes and materials, including relevant extracts from the EU Withdrawal Agreement and the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.
  • All you need for comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the UKs evolving industrial design laws between two covers.
Blanke on UAE Arbitration Legislation & Rules; A Multi-Volume Article-by-Article Commentary; Volume 1; Second Edition

Blanke on UAE Arbitration Legislation and Rules is the successor title to Commentary on the UAE Arbitration Chapter published in March 2017. 

It has been conceived and designed as a multi-volume work that is intended to grow into a comprehensive title on the core UAE arbitration legislation and rules over years to come.
This Volume I focuses on the UAE’s onshore arbitration legislation whereas future volumes will deal with the UAE free zone arbitration laws, ie the 2008 DIFC Arbitration Law and 2015 ADGM Arbitration Regulations, as well as the leading on- and offshore sets of arbitration rules.
As such, this is the first and only, full English-language commentary on the UAE’s onshore arbitration legislation today.
Summum Bonum: The Ultimate Good

Recounting the life and experiences of an eminent judge and lawyer. This book presents the life, experiences and reflections of former Court of Appeal judge, Dato’ Mahadev Shankar. It contains stories which are absorbing, some even tantalising, as readers travel with the author down memory lane and immerse in the unfolding of a life well-lived. A must-read for members of the legal community, this book brings to life the roots and rich history of the legal community in Malaysia.

Corporate Governance and Ethics

A useful and instructive guide towards better corporate governance and ethics.

Malaysian Practice Series - Law and Practice of Construction Law in Malaysia

This book considers and analyses various standard forms commonly adopted in the Malaysian construction industry. Key cases are presented in the form of illustrations which seek to present essential principles in an easily digestible form. The book is invaluable to all legal professionals engaged in the practice of construction law as well as construction professionals in Malaysia and contains discussion of current Malaysian cases and applicable statutes.  

Law, Practice and Procedure of Arbitration in India

Datuk Professor Sundra Rajoo’s Law, Practice and Procedure of Arbitration in India is a great new resource for the Indian and international arbitration community. It provides a detailed practical guide on the Indian arbitration landscape. The text of the book traverses in detail the latest precedents with in-depth analysis and prognosis of the evolving arbitral regime in India. Datuk Sundra’s academic knowledge, vast experience and practical insight as an arbitrator is seen in each of the 51 chapters of the book. Every chapter brings the international perspective, practice, procedure, comparable provisions of law and precedents from other common law and civil law jurisdictions to provide global insights and comparisons into each aspect of arbitration.

The book sets out and discusses scholarly and authoritative views of the leading international voices on arbitration, all the latest Indian legislative amendments, judicial precedents and their impact on India’s position as a preferred destination for the arbitration of commercial disputes. Practitioners, counsels, judges, general counsels, arbitral institutions, students and other users of or interested in arbitration will find Law, Practice and Procedure of Arbitration in India useful. 

Habeas Corpus in Malaysia

Habeas Corpus in Malaysia is a compact, concisely written handbook which offers considerable insight into and analysis of the important workings of the writ of habeas corpus, providing enough material for the reader to work confidently or to conduct further study, where necessary. 

Malaysian Practice Series - Law and Practice of Employment Law in Malaysia

Law and Practice of Employment Law in Malaysia contains the collective knowledge and experience of a team of leading employment law specialists. The book is comprehensive in its coverage, including the fundamentals of contracts of employment, the conduct of domestic inquiry, various grounds for termination, unfair labour practice, sexual harassment, proceedings at the Industrial Court, judicial review and appeal, social security, trade unions and the recognition thereof as well as industrial action.



Malaysian Law on Division of Matrimonial Assets, Second Edition

Malaysian Law on Division of Matrimonial Assets (Second Edition) is a comprehensive text covering all the principles which govern the judicial division of matrimonial assets incidental to a court decree of divorce or judicial separation. The main provisions of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 (“LRA 1976”) and its accompanying rules, the Divorce and Matrimonial Proceedings Rules 1980 that govern this area of law in relation to non-Muslims are analysed and explained in great depth and detail. 

Land Acquisition: A Primer

Land Acquisition: A Primer discusses the principles of law governing compulsory land acquisition in a concise manner. Clearly written, this book provides the basic underlying legal jurisprudence of compulsory land acquisition in Malaysia and highlights landmark decisions governing the compulsory acquisition of privately-owned land. 

Essential Company Law in Malaysia: Navigating the Companies Act 2016, Second Edition

Presenting the law in a clear and concise style, this updated second edition guides and supports a quick understanding of the Malaysian company law system. Regular reference is made to the provisions of the Companies Act 2016 to enable the reader to appreciate the statutory scheme regulating companies in Malaysia. 

Tax Appeals in Malaysia: Law and Procedure

This book covers topics relevant to any contemporary discussion on tax appeals. The law and practice on this subject have been expertly treated. The law has been considered and analysed in depth, while the treatment of the practical aspects has benefitted from the wide experience of the author in conducting tax appeals. 

Administrative Law in Malaysia, Second Edition

Administrative Law in Malaysia sets out in clear and succinct language the applicable principles of Malaysian administrative law. This book contains the fruits of a detailed study of Malaysian and foreign, principally English and Australian, court decisions. 

Jurisprudens dan Teori Undang-undang Dalam Konteks Malaysia, Edisi Kedua

Buku ini menyediakan asas jurisprudens dan teori-teori undang-undang, serta hubungkaitan dan kepentingan teori-teori tersebut dalam sistem undang-undang, terutamanya dalam konteks undang-undang Malaysia pada masa kini.