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The SICC Handbook - A Guide to the Rules and Procedures of the Singapore International Commercial Court


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The SICC Handbook - A Guide to the Rules and Procedures of the Singapore International Commercial Court
Apr 2016
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The Singapore  International Commercial Court serves to entrench Singapore's position as the premier dispute resolution hub in Asia. The SICC Handbook is the first comprehensive textbook on the subject; it is a handy and convenient guide to the rules and procedures of the SICC.
Latest Developments Covered:
  • Rules of Court (Amendment No. 3) Rules 2015
  • SICC Practice Directions (Amendment No.1 of 2016)
  • New SICC User Guides on Disapplication of Singapore Evidence Law (Note 5) and Injunctions Prohibiting Disposal of Assets (Note 60.
  • New paragraph 9 to SICC Note on Enforcement of SICC Judgments.
Key Features:
  • Clear concise explanation of the rules and procedures of the SICC, in a form and language easily understood by an international audience
  • It provides a holistic approach to understanding the SICC rules & procedures - the analysis considers the Rules of Court (including, but not limited to Order 110 which deals specifically with the SICC), the SICC Practice Directions, the SICC User Guides, the 2013 Report of the SICC Committee, relevant Singapore case law & legislation (such as the International Arbitration Act), and extra judicial comments of, inter alia, the Chief Justice of Singapore
  • User friendly with attention to areas of practical significance - including commencing a SICC action, joining 3rd parties, SICC rules of document disclosure & evidence, legal representation before the SICC, costs & fees for SICC trials and appeals, confidentiality, the appeal process and international enforcement of SICC judgements (including an overview of the position in UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the US)
Key Benefits:
  • The first handbook on the rules & procedures of the SICC
  • One stop reference guided to the key elements of the SICC, with convenient appendices including Order 110 of the Rules of Court (which deals specifically with SICC procedures), SICC Practice Directions & SICC User Guides and SICC Model Clauses.
  • A handy and convenient guide with helpful tables setting out:
    1. details of the SICC International Judges with their current/ recent judicial appointments, civil/ common law legal tradition and areas of expertise
    2. deposits payable for SICC actions and appeals to Court of Appeal
    3. hearing fees for 5 day & 10 day SICC trials (with High Court comparison)
    4. fees for SICC hearings in the Court of Appeal



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