Black's Law Dictionary 12th Edition


Jun 2024
, 2098 pp


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The 12th edition of Black’s Law Dictionary is the new standard — the most comprehensive English-language law dictionary ever compiled, with more than 70,000 entries containing precise definitions and more than 4,800 scholarly and judicial quotations on legal terminology. Every page has been supplemented and revised.

There’s a good reason why Black’s is the dictionary of record in American law and renowned worldwide: it’s the most extensive, accurate, clearly drafted, and authoritative dictionary ever written for the legal profession and for anyone else needing legal definitions. When you use this dictionary, you’re using a trusted and respected resource.

While Black’s originated in 1891, you’ll immediately see why it flourishes today and why it has continued as the benchmark reference book. This new edition keeps the dictionary timely and updated, but at the same time deepens the historical scholarship. Under the chief editorship of Bryan A. Garner, our expert editors and contributors have captured the most current terminology and definitions. With this indispensable tool, busy legal writers can quickly grasp the essence of an unfamiliar term and stay current on their legal knowledge.


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