Dispute Resolution in Australia: Cases, Commentary & Materials, 5th Edition


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Dispute Resolution in Australia: Cases, Commentary & Materials
Jul 2023

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This Fifth Edition of Dispute Resolution in Australia: Cases, Commentary and Materials confirms the establishment of dispute resolution as a significant part of the community, business and legal landscapes in Australia. From neighbourhood disputes through to commercial and corporate dispute management and the administration of justice, dispute resolution plays a critical role in resolving differences between people, organisations and even states. The rise of industry schemes and corporate engagement in dispute resolution is evidence of its importance as a “first-stop” solution before resorting to the courts.
This new edition brings the law up-to-date and features:
  • More of a focus on party self-determination in mediation and Australia becoming a signatory to the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation;
  • More commentary and materials on the increasing role of restorative justice in the criminal jurisdiction;
  • New material reflecting the 2019 Australian Law Reform Commission Inquiry into family law, the Australian Human Rights Commission’s “Respect@Work” Report and the establishment of the National Sports Tribunal;
  • New commentary and materials on the rise of online dispute resolution because of the Covid-19 pandemic and how that single event will shape the future of online dispute resolution; and
  • The new International Council for Online Dispute Resolution Standards.
The Fifth Edition of Dispute Resolution in Australia: Cases, Commentary and Materials is an invaluable resource for students, practitioners and those in business providing practical guidance and analysis in the area of conflict management and dispute resolution.
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