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Phipson on Evidence 20th Edition


Phipson on Evidence 20th Edition
Dec 2021
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Part of the Common Law Library series, Phipson on Evidence is the leading work on civil and criminal evidence. It examines in detail all aspects of the principles and procedures making up the law of evidence. Coverage includes the admission of evidence, the standard of proof, the attendance of witnesses, good and bad character, legal professional privilege, hearsay, expert evidence, confessions, judicial discretion and many other evidential issues.

Key Features:
  • Leading work and authority on civil and criminal evidence, frequently quoted in court
  • Written by a prominent team of expert authors, with excellent balance between leading practitioners and academics
  • Fully updates all changes brought in by the Civil Procedure Rules and the Criminal Procedure Rules
  • Examines in detail all aspects of the complex principles and procedures which make up the law of evidence including admission of evidence, evidence taken or served prior to a trial, the rules of evidence during the course of a trial and the examination of witnesses
  • Considers the burden and standard of proof
  • Discusses all aspects of good and bad character
  • Includes analysis of privilege and facts excluded by public policy
  • Examines hearsay in civil and criminal proceedings
  • Looks at the exclusion and inclusion of extrinsic evidence
  • Examines the judicial discretion to admit or exclude evidence
  • Considers a broad range of case law, including that of the Commonwealth
The new edition considers a number of important legal developments, including:
  • A new chapter on the evidence in arbitration
  • A new chapter on the assessment of evidence
  • Discussion and commentary on the recent cases relating to LPP including the Court of Appeal judgment in The Civil Aviation Authority v The Queen on the application of Ltd [2020] EWCA Civ 35; PCP Capital Partners v Barclays Bank Plc [2020] EWHC 1393 and State of Qatar v Banque Havilland SA Ors [2021] EWHC 2172 (Comm)
  • The chapter on expert evidence has been extensively re-written and updated to take account of recent developments in this area


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