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Copinger and Skone James on Copyright 18th Edition


Copinger and Skone James on Copyright 18th Edition
Dec 2020
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A leading text in its field, Copinger Skone James on Copyright offers thorough and comprehensive coverage of the main aspects of copyright and connected rights.
This 18th edition has been updated to take account of the latest legislative and case law developments. Volume 1 contains commentary and analysis with Volume 2 featuring legislation and materials.
The title takes a subject by subject approach to take you through Copyright, Rights in Performances, Rights in Designs, Moral Rights and a variety of Miscellaneous Rights.
New to the 18th edition:
  • Chapter 2 has been re-written to present a compact and comprehensive overview of international, EU and UK copyright law, including the impact of Brexit
  • Chapter 3 includes recent EU case law on subsistence of copyright and its implications for the UK: Levola Hengelo, Cofemel, Brompton, Funke Medien
  • Chapter 4 considers the implications of the Court of Appeals decision in Martin v Kogan as to what constitutes authorship and joint-authorship.
  • In Chapter 7 the section on communication to the public now reflects guidance given by the UK High Court in Warner Music v TuneIn and in Wheat v Google. It also covers recent EU case law on infringement of copyright in sound recordings (Pelham) and cases on the distribution right.
  • Chapter 9 discusses recent EU case law on permitted acts (Pelham, Spiegel Online, Funke Medien) and features a full rewrite and update of temporary copying permitted act.
  • Chapter 13 has been updated to reflect not only the significant effects of Brexit but also the current uncertainties and difficulties with regard to the UK approach to design law generally arising from the CJEUs rulings in Cofemel and Brompton.The chapter has also been expanded to include comprehensive coverage of registered designs.
  • Chapter 18 updates the position in the light of the decision of the High Court in 77m v Ordnance Survey as well as the changes in the position regarding qualification for the sui generis light after Brexit.
  • Chapter 22 has been expanded to include the offence of copying a registered design
  • Chapter 24 covers updates on EU law including the Directive on the Digital Single Market
  • In Chapter 26 the industry sections have been comprehensively updated
Generally, prospective changes as a result of Brexit have been covered as they appear at present.
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