Constitutional Principles and Institutions: Text, Cases & Materials


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Constitutional Principles and Institutions: Text, Cases & Materials
Jan 2023

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About the Book

Constitutional Principles and Institutions: Text, Cases & Materials is a comprehensive casebook with broad exposition and detailed analysis on constitutional principles and the institutions established under the Federal Constitution.

The book provides a helpful overview of each topic before presenting essential readings in the form of extracts of leading cases, scholarly articles and book chapters carefully selected by the editors. Incisive notes and questions made available after the essential readings stimulate critical thought and discussion which lead to a close appreciation of the topic. Additional references cited set out signposts for further research. Collectively, the readings and the analytical notes provide valuable insights to a thorough understanding of Malaysian constitutional theory and its contemporary application.

The discussions analyse the character and supremacy of the Constitution, along with the establishment of the Legislature, the Executive, the Attorney General, the Judiciary and the Public Service. The significance of State-Federal relations is considered and the issues arising in its ongoing operation are perceptively scrutinised. The special and emergency powers of the Legislature and the Executive are carefully explored, while the theories and principles of constitutional interpretation are keenly studied. Case authorities are thoroughly explained and analytically reviewed to distil applicable principles. Comparative study against foreign statutes and cases provide fresh perspectives to the Malaysian position.

With an extensive collection of source materials curated from around the world within its covers, this book facilitates the research of constitutional law without the need to hunt through a library for often elusive sources of reference. It allows first-hand reading of actual sources which translates into a solid understanding of the subject matter.

Key Features

  • Thorough analysis of the Federal Constitution
  • Extensive coverage of constitutional cases with extracts of important parts of the judgments
  • Broad discussions on the Malaysian constitutional principles and institutions with reproduction of significant case authorities
  • Extracts of international sources for easy reference
  • Insightful analysis, commentary, as well as thought-provoking questions which can translate into winning arguments in litigation
  • Consideration of foreign case law to enrich the understanding and appreciation of constitutional issues
  • Incisive commentary of specialist editors with wide expertise in the Constitutional Law of Malaysia and Singapore 


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