Singapore Civil Procedure 2024


Singapore Civil Procedure 2024
Dec 2023
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Editor-in-Chief: Cavinder Bull

With a team of expert contributors
Helmed by General Editor, Cavinder Bull S.C., this publication is annotated by some of the pre-eminent practitioners in the field.
It is the leading title of its kind, presenting the most comprehensive coverage of Singapore Civil Procedure in both print and electronic format. This title provides the new Rules of Court in an annotated format and supplies supporting legislation and other material of significance.

Developments Since Last Edition

• Every Order reviewed and updated since 2022
• Updates on recent cases including:
• Janesh s/o Rajkumar v Unknown Person (“CHEFPIERRE”) [2023] 3 SLR 1191 re Singapore High Court’s jurisdiction against an unknown person.
• DMX Technologies Group Ltd (in liquidation) v Deloitte & Touche LLP [2023] 3 SLR 1167, the Singapore High Court considered the novel issue of the applicable test for non-party out of jurisdiction service under O 11 r 8 of the Rules of Court 2014.
• The High Court in Leong Quee Ching Karen v Lim Soon Huat [2022] SGHC 309 clarified the appropriate test to be applied in a striking out application under O 9 r 16 of the Rules of Court 2021.
• In HQH Capital Ltd v Chen Liping [2022] SGHC 215, the High Court had the opportunity to consider the nature and effect of Tomlin Orders.
• Newspaper Seng Logistics Pte Ltd v Chiap Seng Productions Pte Ltd [2023] SGHC(A) 5, the Court identified the factors guiding its discretion to allow an extension of time for the Applicant to file and serve its notice of appeal out of time.
• CSO v CSP and another [2023] SGHC 24, the High Court affirmed the “broad approach” to without prejudice privilege.

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