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Mediation in Singapore: A Practical Guide 2nd Edition


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Mediation in Singapore: A Practical Guide 2nd Edition
Aug 2017

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  1. Development of Mediation in Singapore
  2. Conflict and Dispute Resolution
  3. Modern Mediation Defined
  4. Process and Stages of Mediation
  5. Developing Quality Mediators through Training
  6. Psychology and the Interest-Based Model of Mediation
  7. Culture and Its Importance of Mediation
  8. Legal Foundations of Mediation
  9. An Overview of Court Mediation in the State Courts of Singapore
  10. The Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC)
  11. The Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) (NEW)
  12. The Development of Mediation for Civil Disputes
  13. Family Mediation - The Perspective of Family Courts
  14. The Development of Mediation for Community and Social Disputes
  15. Mediation of Criminal Matters in the State Courts
  16. Features of a Dispute Suitable for Mediation
  17. Lawyer Representation and Advocacy at Mediation (NEW)
  18. Online Dispute Resolution (NEW)
  19. Mediation in an International Context (NEW)



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