Law and Practice of Commercial Litigation in Singapore


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Law and Practice of Commercial Litigation in Singapore
Oct 2015

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Commercial litigation is one of the busiest areas of practice in Singapore with the commercial court developing its own unique nuances. Law & Practice of Commercial Litigation in Singapore provides an in-depth, comprehensive and practical look at the practice of commercial litigation.

The book aims to provide practical guidance to ensure success when resolving commercial disputes.  The objective recognises that success in commercial matters not only requires a knowledge of black letter commercial law (as well as all its intricacies), but a mastery of all those facets which make up commercial litigation practice.  This book is relevant not only for the practitioner in the Commercial Court but to anyone involved in commercial litigation.  It will also be a useful addition to the judge's library. 

Key Features:

  • Follows the sequence of a case - the work is structured around the workflow and is packed full of practical guidance on commercial litigation, making it the most up-to-date law & practical tool a lawyer would need.
  • Provides a narrative guide to modern commercial dispute resolution, from pre-action procedures to appeals.
  • Practice-focused book prepared by well-known commercial litigation practitioners in Singapore.
  • Develops aspects of commercial litigation practice in detail in addition to comments on rules of court.

Key Benefits:

  • Presents a clear and detailed account of commercial law, covering the fundamental principles and how the law works in practice.
  • Takes in all the key issues faced in today's practice.
  • Places emphasis on tactics, strategy and practical guidance.
  • Offers a step-by-step examination and explanation of the processes involved in commercial litigation in Singapore.


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