Law of Trade Marks in Singapore, 4th Edition


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Law of Trade Marks in Singapore, 4th Edition
Aug 2021
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This title provides an authoritative and insightful commentary on the entire range of issues concerning trade marks in Singapore, including those generated by the Internet and social media. This work has been substantially updated to accommodate the new cases and legislative developments over the past seven years since the third edition.
 A number of new cases are considered in detail. Including;
  • Burberry Ltd v Megastar Shipping Pte Ltd - the Court of Appeal (CA) explains the terms “import” and “trade mark use” in the Trade Marks Act (TMA).
  • Singsung Pte Ltd v LG26 Electronics Pte Ltd - CA decided that, as a matter of principle and conceptual clarity, the issue of whether a mark is distinctive of the plaintiff’s goods or services (in the sense that it is capable of acting as a badge of trade origin) is to be considered in the context of the inquiry on misrepresentation.
During this time there have been some significant legislative developments also. Of note is the revamped Geographical Indications Act that came into force in 2019 after the ratification by the European Parliament pursuant to the European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA).
There is a new chapter that examines the relationship between trade marks and competition law and how the exploitation of trade mark rights can be anti-competitive.




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