Law Relating to Specific Contracts in Singapore, 2nd Edition


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Law Relating to Specific Contracts in Singapore, 2nd Edition
Mar 2016
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Law Relating to Specific Contracts in Singapore, 2nd Edition is an authoritative reference that covers contractual issues in most common commercial situations that practitioners are likely to encounter in their practice in Singapore.

Its breadth of coverage, scope and detail make it an indispensable treatise on the application of the law of contract in commercial transactions. This new edition includes copious citation of Singapore and foreign case authorities and a careful review of new statutory provisions. This comprehensive reference will continue to be the practitioner's choice for authority and clarity of discussion.


  • Completely up-to-date with new case authorities and legislation.
  • Provides clear and accurate statement on the current position of the law
  • Written by an expert panel of leading practitioners
  • Text has been extensively reviewed and rewritten to provide in-depth analysis that may be confidently relied on
  • Contains 3 new chapters - Employment Contracts, Bills of Exchange and Hotel Management Contracts
  • Supplemented by detailed index for easy access to the text


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