Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Singapore : A Modern Approach (2nd Edition)


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Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Singapore : A Modern Approach (2nd Edition)
Aug 2015

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An essential reference for anyone involved in trust marketing, structuring, client relationship management and administration.

This book is an invaluable reference for any serious practitioner needing information in the drafting of Singapore wills and trusts. It is a drafter’s handbook which illustrates the modern style of drafting found in other jurisdictions that can be beneficially used in Singapore. It enables the local practitioner to draft trust documentation with Singapore resident trustees under Singapore law that is accepted internationally by his peers.

There is excellent material covering diverse subjects such as the reservation by the settlor of the powers of investments, the office of protectors in trusts and private trust companies, which topics are not found in any conventional books on trusts.

The aim of this work is to aid the drafter by discussing all the issues which arise in drafting settlements and will trusts, and to provide precedents accompanied with an explanation of the clauses contained in them and the choices that have to be made.  



  • The precedents adopt a modern drafting style which reads simply and naturally.
  • This book will also serve as a guide to the interpretation of trust documentation. 
  • Contain well-researched and extensive material from international and Singapore sources that provides useful references to applicable legislation and case law. 


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