Land Acquisition: A Primer


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Land Acquisition: A Primer
Oct 2021
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Land Acquisition: A Primer discusses the principles of law governing compulsory land acquisition in a concise manner. Clearly written, this book provides the basic underlying legal jurisprudence of compulsory land acquisition in Malaysia and highlights landmark decisions governing the compulsory acquisition of privately-owned land.

This book contains 21 chapters which are presented in a systematic order, dealing with, inter alia, the right to property, the purposes of land acquisition, the general and special procedure, the principles of compensation, the role of assessors, the position of paymaster, challenging the validity of the acquisition, controversial acquisitions, acquisition of Orang Asli land and acquisition of wakaf properties.

This book is intended to be a handy textbook for students and serves as an introductory reading for legal practitioners, policy makers, land administrators, land consultants, property developers and other professionals whose nature of work requires them to have a good grasp of the law relating to compulsory land acquisition under the Land Acquisition Act 1960 (Act 486).


  • Written in simple English language for easy understanding of the legal provisions governing the principles of land acquisition.
  • Explains clearly the technical concepts and processes involved in land acquisition and the assessment of compensation.
  • Considers the relevant grounds to challenge the validity of acquisition.
  • Highlights important decisions on compulsory acquisition such as Semenyih Jaya Sdn Bhd v Pentadbir Tanah Daerah Hulu Langat (and Another Reference) [2017] 4 AMR 123, FC, United Allied Empire Sdn Bhd v Pengarah Tanah dan Galian Selangor & 4 Ors [2017] 5 AMR 555, CA and others.
  • Discusses key changes to the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act 1960, as amended by the Land Acquisition (Amendment) Act 2016 (Act A1517).



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