Criminal Procedure in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition


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Criminal Procedure in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition
Sep 2021
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Criminal procedure should not be underestimated, nor taken lightly, for it is a complex and technical area of law where the consequences can be grave, if the legal practitioner does not have a full and correct understanding of its many facets. Cancy Liu has left no stone unturned in her comprehensive coverage of criminal procedure and has provided an encyclopaedic overview of this vast field of law. This is an excellent legal text that has become an invaluable and essential tool in the practice of criminal litigation.
From the Foreword by The Honourable Mr Justice Kevin Zervos JA
A step-by-step practical guide
Criminal Procedure in Hong Kong, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide on the many and varied aspects of criminal procedure and the criminal justice system in Hong Kong.
Combining essential laws, cases and case scenarios, and Practice Directions, this title is a handy volume for criminal practitioners to bring to court. It also covers essential details of the general aspects of a criminal trial, including powers of law enforcement agencies, criminal investigations, roles of the key players and the relevant statutory and common law powers founding the entire criminal justice system in Hong Kong.
Completely up-to-date 
This text covers important recent developments, such as a discussion of the CFA decision in HKSAR v Liang Yaoqiang [2021] HKCFA 26 and the changes to the criminal justice sysyem brought about by the coming into force of The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the HKSAR and the Implementation Rules for Article 43.


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