Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong A Practical Guide, Second Edition


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Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong  A Practical Guide, Second Edition
Oct 2017
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 “ …Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong: A Practical Guide …directs the commercial practitioner to those important aspects of commercial litigation that must be considered in addressing any commercial dispute, actual or contemplated … a useful addition to the judge’s library …”

Mr Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma


Commercial litigation is one of the busiest practice areas in Hong Kong with the commercial court developing its unique nuances. Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong: A Practical Guide, Second Edition is comprehensively reviewed and updated after 5 years from the publication of the first edition. It continues to provide an in-depth, comprehensive guide to the practice of commercial litigation, with more than 40% of content updated.
What’s New:
  • Distinguishes Mareva Injuctions from proprietary or asset preservation injunctions
  • Refers and explains the Revised Practice Guidelines for Admission of Overseas Counsel (Bar Circular no. 068 of 2015) issued by the Hong Kong Bar Association, in particular the checklist attached to those guidelines
  • References the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Ordinance 2016
  • Replaces the old practice directions 11.1 & 11.2 with the most updated versions
New Cases Discussed:
  • Asia Fortune Media Group Ltd, Re (unrep., CACV 248/2015, 12 April 2016)
  • China Solar Energy Holdings Ltd, Re (unrep., HCCW 108/2015, 14 June 2017).
  • Joint Official Liquidators of A Co v B [2014] 4 HKLRD 374; L v G Ltd [2016] 1 HKLRD 167.
  • Z-Obee Holdings Ltd, Re (unrep., HCCW 85/2014, 27 June 2014).
  • Kam Leung Sui Kwan v Kam Kwan Lai (2015) 18 HKCFAR 501.
  • Solar Touch Ltd, Re [2004] 3 HKLRD 154;
  • Beauty China Holdings Ltd, Re [2009] 6 HKC 351, [21]-[23];
  • Pioneer Iron and Steel Group Company Ltd, Re (unrep., HCCW 322/2010, 6 March 2013).
  • Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co Ltd v UBAF (HK) Ltd
  • Skillsoft Asia Pacific Pty Ltd v Ambow Education Holding Ltd (No.2) [2016] 1 HKLRD 1052.
  • Zimmer Sweden AB v KPN Hong Kong Ltd [2009] 3 HKLRD 94
  • Re Mr David Perry QC [2016] 2 HKLRD 647
  • Re Mably [2014] 1 HKLRD 627
  • United Asia Fiance Ltd v Yiu Tsz Ngar [2015] 2 HKLRD 189
  • Sketchers Sarl v Eternity Freight International Forwarded (HK)(unrep., HCCL 6/2016, 22 August 2016)
  • Compania Sud Americana de Vapores S.A. v Hin-Pro International Logistics Ltd (2016) 19 HKCFAR 586
  • XY LLC v Jesse Zhu (CACV 11/2016, 5 December 2016)
  • Wharf Ltd v Lau Yuen How (HCA 1535/2008, 9th January 2009)


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